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Fictional Baseball All-Star Team? I Have Too Much Time To Kill Today

Cinematically Correct loves movies and America’s past-time, baseball. For that reason, this Bugs & Cranks post is greatness. It’s his movie fantasy baseball team. Dorky? Yes. Awesome? You know it. Click away to see my team.

Catcher: The obvious choice, Crash Davis.
First Base: Gary Cooper. Well, Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig of course.
Second Base: Marla Hooch. She isn’t much to look at but she’ll knock the cover off the ball.
Shortstop: Tanner Boyle. There is no other option. He rules.
Third Base: Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez. He played some mean third base…even in Chuck Taylors.
Right Field: Roy Hobbs. I’ll take him with his bleeding hip all day long.
Centerfield: Willie Mays Hayes. He’s the funniest lead-off hitter in history.
Left Field: Kelly Leek. I’ll need someone to bum smokes off of.

Bench: Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous, Jake Taylor, Mae Mordabito, Ray Liotta, Pedro Cerrano, Roger Dorn, Tom Sizemore (as Pete Rose)

Starting Rotation: Nuke LaLoosh, Amanda Whurlitzer, Eddie Harris, Dennis Quaid (as Jim Harris), Denny Davies
Bullpen: Billy Chapel, Delroy Lindo (as Satchel Paige)
Closer: Please. It’s Ricky Vaughn.

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