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More People Jump In With Apatow/Sandler/Rogen

Judd Apatow is the next Woody Allen. There. I said it. His next directorial effort is now officially titled “Funny People” and it officially has the best cast in movie history. Okay…that may be a bit much but it is a great cast nonetheless. Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and Leslie Mann (Mrs. Apatow) have been attached to this movie for some time but today, Apatow has officially signed on Eric Bana, Jonah Hill (surprise surprise), and former Phantom Planet drummer, Max Fischer himself, Jason Schwartzman.

In full Woody Allen fashion, Apatow is keeping the story under wraps. He will only say that it is set in the stand-up comedy world. The rumor is that this story is a bit more serious than previous Apatow efforts. There were snippets of drama in “The 40-Year Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up” so I think he has it in him. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Sandler, Rogen, Mann, Bana, Hill, and Schwartzman along for the ride.

Now get Paul Rudd a bit in this one and you have achieved cast perfection!

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