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OMG! Frank Gives The Finger To Being Fabulous & The “Sex & The City” DVD Release

The “Sex And The City” movie DVD comes out today. This probably wouldn’t have even been on my radar. Well, it wouldn’t have been until my sister told me, which will be inevitable. I can only assume she lined up at her local Best Buy, Circuit City, Blockbuster, etc. at midnight, eagerly anticipating the movie version of a television show that I have never and will never see.

Cinematically Correct has another contribution from co-worker Frank. Frank is also bitter about “Sex And The City” and everything that goes along with it.

What a terrible day it is for men across the country. Women from all over have been babbling and yapping their traps about the release of the “Sex in the City” DVD for weeks, and those chicks finally got their wish. This will turn the next 2 weeks into a “Hey ladies lets go over to blah blah’s house, drink some cosmos, and watch the DVD” event that will sweep the nation.

Now I don’t know if you guys remember how awful it was when the movie came out, so let me crack an egg of knowledge all over you about the garbage that took place a few months ago.

  • Chicks were going to restaurants downing cosmopolitans left and right as they were all dressed up to see a movie of the same damn show they watched 8 straight hours of seasons 1 through whatever on DVD that same day.

  • Men were being dragged to see this dumpy movie numerous times as they checked their watches and cell phones every couple minutes praying that time would go faster, but some creative fellas used this movie as an opportunity to meet girls. The ratio was in their favor in these theaters, but was it really worth spending money to be around 400 girls crying over a predictable plot? Let’s not get any crazy ideas here that I saw the movie, but just by knowing the premise I could tell what was going to happen.

  • Finally, let’s not forget the word “Fabulous”….Ughhh this word was thrown around like freaking hot cakes while this movie was in theaters, and trust me it will make its unwanted comeback over the next few dreadful weeks. I really don’t know if there is another word in the English language that gets my French blood boiling more. Not only that word but the ongoing debate of which of the girls in a group of friends is comparable to a character on the show will start happening again. “OMG girl, you are such a Charlotte!” Remember that? Ugh, get used to it cause you will overhear that convo anywhere you go.

The release of this DVD will only help these brainwashed chicks introduce this cinematic trash to their naïve friends who haven’t seen the movie yet, thus creating more possible fans that will use the word fabulous. So good luck to all you guys who will be tortured during mandatory movie night this week. I hope making your gf watch Monday Night Football was worth it, cause she is completely getting you back now. Brace yourself for the wave of annoyance, fellas.

  1. jenchic
    September 23, 2008 at 1:03 PM

    I pre-ordered from Amazon.
    I don’t wait in lines.
    Thank you very much.

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