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Is Clooney Going To Be Depp’s “Kimosabe”?

Now that Disney has cornered the Johnny Depp market, the rumor is that Mickey Mouse has his sights set right on George Clooney to play the titular character in their movie version of “The Lone Ranger”. Of course, this is a test photo of Clooney as The Lone Ranger…or perhaps a raccoon.

I don’t really have a source to sight for this one as it’s a rumor that is all over the Internet, Interweb, Intranets, Itrawebs, and Your Face. In addition to this rumor, Disney is reportedly interested in buying out AIG and Washington Mutual to take further steps towards Total Human Domination.

Clooney would be a great choice to play The Lone Ranger. However, can’t you foresee Clooney and Depp yukking it up a bit too much in these roles? I can actually picture Clooney behaving like a buffoon, never helping anyone, and Depp’s Tonto as the actual hero, kind of like a Maxwell Smart/Agent 99 bit.

Cinematically Correct note: Clooney and Depp in a movie is akin to printing money.

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