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Turn Off Your Brain & Watch “Fringe”

Ms. Cinematically Correct and I are way behind on our TV viewing. We’re backed up on “Heroes”, “Terminator”, “The Shield”, and “Entourage”. By backed up, I mean at least two episodes behind. The only show that we have been watched as it airs is “Fringe”.

Last night’s “Fringe” was co-written by J.J. Abrams and it brought up some of the conspiracy aspects of the show. We were introduced to an alien probe, a hairless guy who eats lots of pepper, and the return of Agent Olivia Dunham’s (Anna Torv) dead CIA boyfriend. Those who didn’t think that dude would show up again need to quit watching this show and move on to something less confusing…such as “Two And A Half Men”.

The afore-mentioned alien probe was actually some sort of drill. This super drill can be placed on one side of Earth and it drills through to the other side. It is the first device that actually can drill a hole all the way to China, just like my grandparents used to tell me about. Unfortunately, the drill isn’t looking for ways to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, it blows s*** up. In Coincidence #519, Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) seems to know exactly what the crazy drill is up to…or down to. Dr. Bishop sure seems to know everything about all the crazy stuff going on…one would think that the authorities would actually consider him one of those “people of interest” for the case. Luckily for Dr. Bishop, “Fringe”, while entertaining, has in just four episodes mastered the art of “Suspension of Disbelief“.

Coincidence #520 happened shortly after #519. Dr. Bishop also knows who the bald, eyebrow-less dude that eats rare roast beef topped with pepper is doing. So who is this weird Vic Mackey wannabe? Well, as we learned from Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick, he has been observing events involving “The Pattern” for years now. They call him The Observer. I know another character that does the same thing. He’s Marvel Comics’ The Watcher and he also has no hair or eyebrows. Nerd f’ing alert right?

Dr. Bishop’s smart-ass son, Peter (Joshua Jackson), has been relegated to comic relief in every episode until last night. Instead of chuckles, Peter got to scream and yell as he was tortured and beaten. Peter bumped into The Observer too and we learned that The Observer can read minds, as he proceeded to say the exact same things that Peter was saying at the same time. It was the best part of last night’s episode.

Overall, “Fringe” is doing okay for me. It’s fast-paced and fairly entertaining but there are a handful of issues with the show. They still haven’t really gotten Olivia, the main character, off the schneid. She is pretty boring and by far the least interesting of the three leads. Last night finally got them out of the Boston area, where apparently every freaky crime occurs. Mulder and Scully traveled all over the place to investigate crazy stuff so the gang really needs to get out of Boston. Unfortunately, they are really tied into it because Dr. Bishop’s lab is at Harvard. That’s a big hole they have dug with that one.

“Fringe” isn’t “X-Files” and it damn sure isn’t “Lost”. It sounds like I don’t like it and I do but…it just feels like something is missing. I like it fine while I am watching it but after it’s over, I am done with it. It’s fairly disposable, unlike “Lost” or “X-Files” which left you begging for more.

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