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Drink Some Amp…Then Die

This piece of news is for all you maniacs out there that drink Zap, Amp, and all those other insane “energy” drinks. They can kill you. A really smart dude from Johns Hopkins University has done some medical research and stuff to a bunch of these drinks and he says that they are like totally bad for you and stuff. You can actually experience “caffeine intoxication”. Crazy right?

Of course, since I work for a company that employs some high-stress sales people, there is a ton of this garbage around. These lunatics here drink it like water and then, they behave like hyenas around a corpse. It’s really a sight to see a human being all hopped up on caffeine. It’s kind of like being near a drugged bear. Sure, it seems like it is safe but they could rip your face off at any second so it’s probably a good idea to avoid them altogether.

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