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Delusional Shyamalan Thinks People Still Want To See His Movies

In my humble opinion, “Unbreakable” is M. Night Shyamalan’s best movie. “The Sixth Sense” is creepy but it all hinges on that ending and once you get past that, it’s just an clever, tricked-up movie. “Unbreakable” is smart, strange, moody, and even looks better than “The Sixth Sense”. It has one of Bruce Willis’ most legitimate dramatic performances and it doesn’t pin its hopes on a twisty ending.

However, Shyamalan has completely fallen off the wagon. I could go on and on regarding how awful his previous three films are but you know that already. Hell, “Lady In The Water” makes “The Village” almost watchable…almost. This is why this “Unbreakable” sequel talk is a complete time-waste.

In this SciFi.com article, Shyalaman says he wants to start working on the sequel immediately. I’ll admit, appreciation for “Unbreakable” has definitely grown over time. Unfortunately, I have zero faith in this guy’s ability. Shyamalan is a notorious control freak and he refuses to simply direct a script unless he wrote it, which is the main problem with his movies. If he makes this movie now, he will screw it up and possibly ruin the first movie, much like George Lucas has done with “Star Wars”. Here is a quote from the SciFi.com article that shows how nutty Shyamalan has become:

I’ll be on the street, and some kid will run across traffic with it in his backpack–he just is carrying it in his backpack–and he’ll be running [saying], ‘I can’t believe it’s you!’ Will you sign my Unbreakable DVD?’ And quoting the thing and all that stuff.”

Night…just because that happened one time while you were leaving a comic book store doesn’t mean you should write another “Unbreakable” movie okay? So please, pick up a script that was written by what we call “a writer” and direct the hell out of it. Then, be sure to say hi to your mother for me.

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