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Cinematically Correct Pop Culture Icon Hall Of Fame Nominee: Jon Gries

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start up a Pop Culture Hall of Fame. Well…I’m starting up a Pop Culture Hall of Fame. Of course, this requires participation for site visitors. The poll on the left (<—LOOK OVER THERE!!) will be up until October 31st. Please, please vote! Actually, if only vote once this year…please vote here! It will take a 70% approval rating for people to receive this prestigious honor. If they get in, I will actually attempt to contact that person, place, or thing to let them know…for giggles.

I am going to nominate one person a month for the Hall of Fame. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment or email them to me (—>EMAIL TOP RIGHT!!).

The first nominee…is Jon Gries.

Lazlo Hollyfeld…Uncle Rico…Rusty The Homeless Guy on “Seinfeld”…one episode of “24”…that just scrapes the surface of the greatness of Jon Gries, who turned 51 years old today. He is a highly recognizable actor that I’m sure many of you recognize, but never knew his name. Here are some of my personal favorite Jon Gries performances.

  • The majority of people familiar with Jon Gries know him simply as Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite”. This will be the role in which Jon will be remembered. This role needs no description or explanation. It is a performance so amazing…I will invent a word to describe it: Superawesomefantabulous.
  • Jon also appeared in two episodes of “Seinfeld” as Rusty. You may recall him picking up George’s toupee off the sidewalk and wearing it. There is a better chance that you remember Rusty stealing Kramer’s rickshaw. There hasn’t been a better performance from a man pulling a rickshaw in recorded human history.
  • Jon also went toe to toe with some heavyweights in “Get Shorty”. His character, Ronnie, was lucky enough to have been called a “f***ball” by Dennis Farina. There really isn’t more of an honor an actor could have bestowed upon them.
  • Jon’s performance in one episode of the second season of “24” was…well…I don’t remember it. I’m sure it was decent enough though.
  • When your character is fortunate enough to be killed in an episode of “Lost”, you have reached a level of pop culture awareness only attainable by others such as…such as…some other actors that have had brief appearances on “Lost”. Jon played Ben’s dad and died a horrible death due to poison gas.
  • Lazlo Hollyfeld. “Real Genius”. That is all.
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