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Ryan Adams The Cardinals Take 150 Minutes To Rock Your Face Off

You can ask the female fan last night but it is officially official: Ryan Adams does not want you calling this band anything but The Cardinals. Unfortunately, Ryan was not interested in hearing her scream “Ryan!” any longer and, unfortunately, had to let her know about it. Let’s just say that it was Ryan at one of his funnier or more obnoxious moments. Personally, I find it quite funny because Ryan is one of the few artists that actually acknowledges that there really are audience members.

All I can say is that Ryan, Neal Casal, Brad Pemberton, Chris Feinstein (Spacewolf), and Jon Graboff (the other Cardinals) must really love the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. The band performed 28 songs over a two-hour and thirty minute span. Could that be considered excessive? For the group of people who sat in front of Ms. Cinematically Correct and I, the answer would be yes as they left around the seventeenth song. For a fan of the band, it’s a treat.

There should be a disclaimer given to all those who buy tickets for these shows. It should read something like this: “Fans of this artist who have only bought their albums should be prepared to not hear those songs performed in that manner.” This could forewarn those who may miss seeing an acoustic guitar or a quiet performance of such country ditties as “Peaceful Valley” or “Goodnight Rose”. These Cardinals crank the amps to 11 and are definitely fans of what could only be called “Metal Country”. So if you want to hold hands with your girlfriend and hear that sweet, cute version of “Come Pick Me Up”…well…you should have seen Ryan about five years ago.

Yes, Ryan did berate an audience member last night. However, he was in rare stand-up mode and was very playful with the audience. He made references to Whitesnake and mocked the break that band’s take in between sets by asking the audience to “pretend they were gone for a few minutes and just came back”. He also changed lyrics to songs, in particular “The End”, when he said a waitress turned into a robot and then, during a rare encore performance, asked “Who farted?” during “Beautiful Sorta”.

Ryan did seem to have some trouble with his guitars as they would not stay in tune. He spent the majority of the night singing and tuning. At one point during “When The Stars Go Blue”, he took his axe off and slid it off stage in disgust. This tuning problem didn’t seem to happen to the other band members though…so take that as you will. I would have pictures of this event…but we forgot to charge the batteries on the camera. I think the same person in charge of the batteries was in charge of tuning Ryan’s guitars.

After performing the new song “Magick”, Ryan and the band talked about employing dancers. They had a list of ideas as to what would be appropriate and the consensus seemed to be “dancing ninjas”. I hope they get that up and running before they get here next year.

  1. Chickybabe
    October 12, 2008 at 8:56 PM

    Please also note that it was like a freaking meat-locker in there, and that could have had something to do with the guitars not being in tune. and Neal did have to re-tune “Sparrow Myth” once after “Magick”.

    Personally, I was tickled pink to hear Ryan dedicate “Crossed Out Name” to his “ex-ex-girlfriend”, to which he added “ugh!” “ugh! but I mean, damn!”. I know others will disagree with me over this. However, there is something to be said about having the last word when things end badly.

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