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ABC Gets Another Winner With “Life On Mars”

Mr. and Ms. Cinematically Correct had to go away for a few days for personal reasons over the weekend. Since I’m back home today with nothing to do, I decided to catch up on some TV shows. So far, I have watched ABC’s “Life On Mars” and it is excellent.

It’s tough for me to start watching new shows since my lineup is pretty full. However, “Life On Mars” is right in. It’s a cop show but it’s not like the cookie cutter nonsense plaguing network television these days.

“Life On Mars” starts out in 2008 with Detective Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) and his detective girlfriend, Maya (Lisa Bonet), chasing down a serial killer in New York City. They apprehend the killer, who is eventually let go due to a very strange and convenient technicality. Maya begins to follow the killer and, you guessed it, she is abducted. Sam tries to track down the killer and is hit by a car while carelessly crossing the street. When Sam comes to, he finds himself in 1973. Not only has he traveled in time, he is still Sam Tyler, New York City Police Detective.

So far, there really isn’t anything too wild for TV. Other shows are playing around with time travel and some, most notably “Journeyman”, have messed with time travel and failed. However, “Life On Mars” is a bit different. Sam changes the course of some events in 1973 and changes the future. We learn through Sam’s 8-track player that Maya turns out to be fine. Sam, thinking that he was sent to 1973 to save her, assumes he will be sent back to 2008. Oops, not so fast pal. That was “Journeyman”, this is a different hero sent to the past to save people.

The cast, the sets, the clothes, and the music are all fantastic. Fabulous even. The other officers in Sam’s department are played by Michael Imperioli, who is shooting for the Greatest Mustache In Human History, Gretchen Mol, and Harvey Keitel. So far, Keitel has not shown his junk off but the show has only been on for one night…there is still time. The first episode really consisted of these other characters acting like Sam is crazy so there wasn’t much for them to do just yet. However, it is definitely fun to watch a cop show that has cops doing things “the old fashioned way”.

So far so good for “Life On Mars”. It will stay on the DVR list and it is really worth checking out. I fell in love with “Journeyman” really quickly and this has all the characteristics of that show so hopefully another network won’t rip away another show with promise.

Next up: “My Own Worst Enemy”. I am prepared for the worst.

  1. Pam
    October 15, 2008 at 11:10 AM

    I love Life on Mars! I was very excited to watch the premiere and it did not disappoint. Very looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!

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