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Believe It Or Not: “My Own Worst Enemy” Is Great

Wow. Two new shows in one season that actually show some serious promise? How did this happen? After watching “Life On Mars”, I was fully prepared to be completely annoyed by Christian Slater and NBC’s “My Own Worst Enemy”. I am completely shocked to say that I really like it. Really.

I’m not even sure why I recorded this show. It just seemed like the right thing to do for a pop culture junkie and lover of “Heathers” to at least check out Christian Slater’s TV show. I figured that I would watch this once, sit down, type out a scathing review and then be done with it. Nope, not going to happen. Damn you Slater! My DVR is already bursting at the seams. Hell, I’ve been forced to give up “Entourage” because it a) is taking up too much room on the DVR and b) it totally sucks this season.

The entire premise of “Enemy” is pretty high concept. Slater plays a guy with two personalities that are controlled by his boss, Mavis (Alfre Woodard). Slater appears to live a normal life as Henry Spivey, with a wife (Madchen Amick…where the hell as she been?), two kids, the dog, the house, the picket fence, you know, he’s a regular American schmuck. What Henry doesn’t know is that he really is Edward Albright, an icy, cocky, mean-spirited spy/assassin.

It’s an extremely far fetched scenario. How does he go from one guy to the other? Why, there is a geek at a PC that clicks a button and it sends a signal to the Albright/Spivey brain to tell him who to be. Unfortunately, like most PC’s, there is a problem and now, they cannot control when Henry is Henry or when Edward is Edward. If this super secret agency would wise up and get on board with Apple, they could have this problem fixed.

While the show’s pace was quick and there was plenty of violence for a non-cable show, Slater makes it work. He doesn’t make Henry or Edward polar opposites and you really can’t tell when he is one or the other. The first episode has a very subtle performance for a part that could really get nutty and over the top. After all these years of loving to hate Slater since “Heathers”, this could be the part that he has been waiting for.

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