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Sports Flash!! Phillies In World Series!!

There is an old photo of me when I was very young, probably three or four. In this photo, I am wearing a Philadelphia Eagles hat and an Eagles jacket. See, my dad started early, as I will with my eventual kid(s?), and brainwash them into an almost scary worship of Philadelphia Professional Sports. Little did my dad know that he would be sticking me into a very unstable mental state as Philadelphia sports teams have completely sucked throughout the course of my lifetime. This is what makes the 2008 National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies such a special thing. After years and years of terrible baseball (1993 excluded), I can’t be more happy that the brainwashing that started all those years ago didn’t wear off.

The Phillies are in the 2008 World Series
. It’s still hard for me to actually believe it.

  1. jenchic
    October 16, 2008 at 9:23 AM

    There are pictures of you when you were maybe 4 or 5 & mom’s about 5 months preggers w/ me & we’re sitting in bleachers at what would appear to be a baseball game…where you ask?
    In Florida @ the Phils spring training! I was barely a real baby & it was already being programed into my mind!
    GO PHILLIES!! I’m in shock! I just stared at the tv blankly after they won lastnight. I was frozen. It was great!

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