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Shame On You Paramount!

Robert Downey Jr. was already going to get hosed during Oscar time and now, Paramount has made sure that 2008’s Comeback Kid will be receiving zero nominations from the Academy. As reported by Nikki Finke, Paramount is moving “The Soloist” from a November 21st release to March 13th, 2009. Are you f’ing serious?

Paramount announced a 20 Movies A Year Plan on October 15th and this is apparently the first move the studio is making to ensure they follow that plan. Was part of that plan to ensure that Robert Downey Jr. gets completely screwed? Was part of that plan to already put a marketing strategy in place, blow a bunch of cash on it, then delay the movie for four months? On one hand, it’s down right amazing to see a movie studio utilize restraint but to delay a movie that is rumored to be fantastic and a serious Oscar contender is just idiotic.

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