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Will Your Favorite TV Show See Winter?

The Hollywood Reporter is keeping a log of TV shows and their current status with their respective networks. It’s called their Network Series Status Report and it’s color coded…which makes it fun for the kids. Based on the TV shows that I watch, there is some bad news on this list.

First off, it is extremely depressing to see ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” on the bubble. I haven’t watched the latest episode from Wednesday night, but I did watch the previous episode last night and it was good as usual. It definitely isn’t as fresh as last year since I am slowly getting over how visually appealing it is but it’s still good. My main problem with this season so far is that Olive (Kristin Chenowith) needs to get back with the rest of the cast as soon as possible. She is easily the best thing about the show and her character plays great with the others.

Also, the great “Life On Mars” is still on ABC’s bubble. Come on people. Watch this freaking show.

CBS doesn’t have any problems to report at all, according to the list. It seems like they are content with their schedule, even if they air crap like “The Big Bang Theory”, “Worst Week”, and “Gary Unmarried”. Don’t get me started on the “CSI” series. Just because it gets great ratings doesn’t mean it’s good.

How the hell is NBC’s new “Knight Rider” going to make it and “Pushing Daisies” may not? Disgusting! The good news from the Peacock is that “My Own Worst Enemy”, “The Office”, and “Chuck” look like they will make it an entire season.

Finally, Fox has picked up ratings hit “Fringe” for a full season. The bad news from Fox is that “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is on their bubble. I am sure that show is not cheap to produce and it really needs to score big ratings. It’s really entertaining and cool to watch Lena Headley be a badass.

Cinematically Correct note: There is some station called “The CW” on their list. Have you ever heard of it? Apparently, they show shows. Wild.

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