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TV Attack!! “Terminator”, “The Shield”, “The Office”!!

The weekends have become my TV catchup time, especially during this sports-intensive time of the year. There is virtually no chance that I will be watching any of my regularly scheduled programming during the World Series as I fully expect the Phillies to fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing a Philadelphia sports team win a championship. Over the weekend, I caught up with “Terminator” and “The Shield”.

“Terminator” is really looking good right now. Fox believes so too as they ordered a full season of the show. It’s been exciting and the best thing about this year so far is that they are really giving Cameron (Summer Glau) other things to do, other than being robotic and emotionless. She is easily the hottest robot of all time so it would be stupid to keep her character in check.

Overall, it’s been just as cool as the first season. It’s action-packed and the story is moving right along into a more conspiracy heavy angle, which heavily features Richard T. Jones’ Agent Ellison, one of the best elements of the show. His character gives “Terminator” two different plotlines, the cat-and-mouse game of the Terminators chasing John Connor and Ellison chasing Terminators. Cool stuff.

The worst part about the show? It is easily the addition of Shirley Manson. She looks quite disturbing and is definitely not the Shirley Manson of Garbage that made teenage boys pants go crazy in the 90s. On top of her strange looking appearance, she is a brutally bad actress.

Now, “The Office”. I didn’t talk about last week’s episode, which is odd since this and “Fringe” are the only two shows that I actually watch as they air. God Bless the DVR. “The Office” has been strong and really showcased Steve Carell so far. The show was caught up with Jim/Pam and Dwight/Angela/Andy (not a bad thing!) last season and every other character kind of watched from the sidelines.

The most pleasant surprise of “The Office” has been Amy Ryan’s Holly Flax. I love every second in which she is onscreen. It is a complete and total bummer that she won’t be on the show much longer.

Best line of the year so far? “You’ve been cuckolded by a stronger, smarter male.

Finally…”The Shield”. I will go on record right here, right now and tell you that the finale season of this show is the finest they have ever aired. There is so many plot levels that you really have to have been on board from Day One to fully understand what is happening. Michael Chiklis is simply brilliant as Vic Mackey, but there are two unsung heroes on “The Shield”.

CCH Pounder has continually been ripped off for her portrayal of Captain Claudette Wyms. In a fictional world dominated by tough guys, she holds her own and goes toe to toe with Mackey. This season has really focused on her relationship with, the show MVP, Dutch (Jay Karnes). Each week, we get to see Dutch work a new case as the Anti-Mackey. He shows compassion and care as he investigates these terrible crimes. We also get to see just how much Dutch cares for his former partner, Claudette. The Dutch-Strike Team angle gives the show a great one-two punch.

So that was my TV Catchup weekend. Exciting no?

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