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America Exposed The Lohan

So the ABC show “Ugly Betty” seems to always snag all these guest stars? I’ve watched the show…and I just don’t get it. People seem to think it’s funny but maybe it’s just not my kind of funny. I like “The Office” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm” funny. You know, irritainment.

It seems like The Lohan is doing a guest spot on the show this season as Betty’s old high school nemesis. According to this report, there is a scene that requires America Ferrera to pull The Lohan’s pants down and expose her for wearing “granny panties”. Yeah…I see the hilarity in that. Anyway…Ferrera really pulled The Lohan’s pants down during show rehearsals and was not supposed to do so. The Lohan, in an unprecedented move, was actually wearing a g-string and it was shown to the entire “Ugly Betty” crew. Reports also say the crew simply sighed and said, “Big whoop. Everyone with eyeballs has seen The Lohan’s bare ass.

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