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This 78-Year Old Guy Can & Will Beat Your Ass

Has any poster conveyed exactly what you are in for when you see “Gran Torino”? All the marketing is pushing the Clint Eastwood-directed “Changeling”, which opens next weekend and stars Angelina Jolie. However, there has been much buzz surrounded the other Clint Eastwood-directed movie due out this year, “Gran Torino”. It’s story has been kept under wraps pretty tight but there are some details in this USA Today interview with Eastwood.

Right now, the critics aren’t being exactly kind to Eastwood and Jolie. “Changeling” is only at a 40% approval rating from the Rotten Tomatoes top critics crowd. While I am not ready to knock “Changeling” before I see it, it does have the look of familiarity to it. While I enjoyed “Mystic River”, this movie seems to be dealing with the same child abduction issue so there is definitely some possibility for overkill. I’m sure it will be a good flick but I am definitely in the tank and drunk on the Kool-Aid from “Gran Torino”.

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