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Attention Bitter Phillie Fans

Cinematically Correct disclaimer: This is an entertainment blog. I love movies, TV shows, music, and all-things pop culture. I also love sports and I have to acknowledge that from time to time. This is one of those times.

Last night’s World Series suspension of play has left me so angry that I can hardly see straight. Bud Selig, in all his infinite wisdom, has ripped the advantage earned by the Philadelphia Phillies in this World Series and handed it to the media-darling Tampa Bay Rays.

First and foremost, should this game even have started? That is debatable. Selig and all the Fox TV execs are as greedy and stupid as ever. They start games at 8:30 EST for God’s Sake. Why? I have no idea. Look, it was stupid for them to start Game 3 after the rain delay and you would think they learned their lesson. Instead of a postponement, MLB didn’t even mess with a delay this time. They threw the teams out there and said “Tough it out fellas”.

Of course, to the entire Philadelphia Phillies roster, it was the most important baseball game of their lives. Those players earned the decisive advantage they had last night. They had the most dominant 2008 post-season pitcher, Cole Hamels, starting. They were at home in front of the most insane fan-base in sports. There was no reason to think they weren’t going to win that game. Instead of allowing the players to decide the winner, Bud Selig and MLB decided to let a third team play in the game. Of course, that third team was The Weather.

The list of mistakes from last night is pretty heavy. Of course, every single one of them favors the Rays.

  1. Cole Hamels is done for the World Series. He could possibly pitch in some relief in a Game Seven situation. Last night, the start that should have catapulted Cole Hamels into stardom became a wasted start and robbed the Phillies of their best starter. When the suspension decision was made, Hamels had only thrown 75 pitches. He had another two innings in him at the very least. But now, he will be forced to watch the remainder of his start from the bench.
  2. Why was the game suspended mid-inning? If they Rays were allowed to play their half of the inning in the slop and get a base hit and the game-tying run because of it, why weren’t the Phillies?
  3. What happens tonight, even if they are able to play? The Rays will trot out lefty phenom David Price. There is no doubt that the Rays were not planning on using him at that point in the game. If so, he would have already been in there after Scott Kazmir was chased. Sure, the Phillies bullpen has been dominant but Price puts the Rays in a much better situation than they were in last night. Price can act all day today as if he is simply making another start while the Phillies bullpen will be in the awkward position.
  4. The decision by Bud Selig to wait until the sixth inning and the score was tied shows his complete ineptitude at his job. There is no doubt they did not need to be playing…but they should have stopped playing in the fourth inning. Who cares about the five inning makes a game rule? Everyone understands that rule doesn’t make complete sense in the World Series, scrap it and we will all move on!!

Sigh. I am just really pissed. Really pissed. I can’t stress it enough. Nature and Bud Selig kept the Phillies from winning a championship last night. If those two idiotic forces keep them from winning the whole thing…well…it will be extremely tough for Phillie fans to recover from it.

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  1. jenchic
    October 28, 2008 at 2:32 PM

    I’m sick. Absolutely sick.

  2. Dad, Dad, Daddio
    October 28, 2008 at 4:53 PM

    I’m glad you calmed down a bit before you wrote that. It is well thought out and there is no way you could have thought clearly enough last night to write and make any sense. However, i think Bud was in a no win situation. I do agree they should have never played the top of the sixth. B.J.(punk)Upton hit that rooster tail 27 hopper to J-Roll and then the ball was slippery as a greased pig so he couldn’t get a grip as could Ruiz when afore mentioned punk slopped / stole second. Hamels couldn’t even throw his world class changeup do to the non-grip factor. Have faith though, I smell destiny in that chessesteak filled air. Charlie was so ticked after the game he didn’t even talk to anyone. I think that will rub off. Phils lead off with a PH for Hamels then the top of the order. I feel a big inning coming on. Seventh inning for TB is bottom of the order. Use anybody (Durbin, Eyre. get through to the 8th and 9th then it’s over!!

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