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NBC & ABC Bring In The Bob’s For Some Firings

Two of the more successful TV shows have had some hardcore shakeups in the past few days. Each network, NBC and ABC, brought in some consultants to make some changes.

Apparently, NBC has been doing some restructuring and decided to s***can a few people from “Heroes”. No big deal right? I’m sure it’s just a grip or something that has been slacking off…wait…they fired Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb, the executive producers?!?! Isn’t that what happens when a show gets canceled? Insanity. Well, I was going to start watching “Heroes” this season and I never got around to it…sounds like that was a good thing.

When The Bob’s interviewed Brooke Smith what exactly she thought she did on “Grey’s Anatomy”, she completed panicked and started cursing madly. Once the ABC Suits read The Bob’s recommendations, she was history. So, Dr. Erica Hahn is no longer on “Grey’s Anatomy”. I have never watched the show so I have no idea if this is a big deal or not.

The real tragedy to come from all this is that Howie Mandell still has a freaking job.

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