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“Terminator” Gets The Death Penalty

The jury has reached a verdict and Fox has found “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” guilty of poor ratings. For some insane reason, the folks at Fox ordered a full season of the slumping show, then turned around and moved it to the ultimate television wasteland know as Friday nights. Seriously (and because I’m a whore for comments), who plans on staying home tonight to watch some television? I don’t even drink alcohol anymore and I have plans to go out.

Actually, there are two legitimate reasons why Fox bumped “Terminator” from Monday to Friday. First, they needed to make room for their ratings machine “24”. Second, they are hoping that the “Terminator” audience will give the new Joss Whedon show, “Dollhouse”, a good lead in. Reason one makes 100% sense. Reason two? Insanity. So Fox is moving a struggling show to try and help out ratings for a new sci-fi show from a guy that only geeks like myself follow?

Poor Joss Whedon. Fox has screwed him over twice now. I bet that “Dollhouse” won’t last ten episodes.

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