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The Cinematically Correct Weekend That Was…

There was an extreme case of laziness for Cinematically Correct over the weekend. After rushing home from work on Friday, Ms. Cinematically Correct and I hopped right back into my economically and environmental safe mid-sized SUV and met some friends for a fine Mexican dinner. Then, as required, I plunked down the cash to see the Paul Rudd opus “Role Models”. Apparently, I laughed so much during the movie that it sucked all motivation out of me.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing some brief shopping and mostly eating. Did I type out a review of “Role Models”? Nope. Should I have? Yes. Instead, I played Wii Fit or NHL ’09. I’ll try and get a review out for “Role Models” today but it’s safe to say that I loved it.

There was one other movie related moment from Saturday. That evening, there was nothing interesting on television and there wasn’t really anything to do. So, I forced Ms. Cinematically Correct to watch, of all movies, “From Hell”, the flick based on the Alan Moore “graphic novel” (they are comic books people!) about Jack The Ripper. I may start reviewing older movies as I watch them as well because I used to sing that movies praises…I could have been way off there.

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