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TV News Blitz!! Andy Melman On “The Office”?! Official “Lost” & “24” Cast Updates!

Thank goodness the election is over. Over the past few months, I had inundated myself with politics and didn’t dedicate as much time to what really makes this country tick: entertainment news.

Ricky Gervais was out promoting his HBO stand-up special, “Out Of England”, and he was asked about NBC’s “The Office”. Gervais told a TV Guide talking head that he would like to appear on the Americanized version of his hit BBC show. Being a follower of all things Gervais, I think he was pulling this chick’s chain. While I would be thrilled for him to show up, I just don’t see Gervais doing it. He pulled the plug on the BBC show early and even ended “Extras” early…he doesn’t seem interested in doing the same thing over and over again.

Next up, the Hollywood Reporter has some casting news for “Lost” and “24”. Reiko Aylesworth (former “24” castmember) has been cast on “Lost”. Aylesworth was on “24” for quite some time…until she was blown up.

In that same article, THR reports that “24” has cast Amy Price-Francis as an attorney to Jon Voight’s character in the new season. I would tell you more about her but let’s face it, you don’t really care and neither do I. As long as Kiefer Sutherland is screaming into a cellphone while electrocuting a guy’s nipples in order to seek the truth, “24” will be awesome.

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