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What Are The Odds That Vic Mackey Lives?

The final three episodes of “The Shield” are upon us, with the first of them tonight. This show really hasn’t gotten the send-off that it has deserved. Actually, in hindsight, there was so much hype surrounding the finale of “The Sopranos” that after the odd ending, it all seemed like a wasted build-up. I’m not saying that “The Shield” is better than “The Sopranos”…but it is really, really close.

There are about a dozen plot lines flying around all at once and Vic Mackey is right in the middle of nearly all of them. Right now, everything is spinning so out of control for Vic that he is acting like a cornered animal and the only thing he is relying on is the basic animal instinct of survival.

  • The Shane Situation: Once Shane murdered Lem without letting Vic know, you knew it was going to lead to problems. Now, did you think it was going to lead to Shane on the run with his wife and children? Probably not. Did you think it was going to lead to both Shane and Vic plotting and attempting to murder each other? Maybe.
  • The Corrine Situation: After years of grief from her ex-husband Vic, Corrine finally has had enough. Shane put Corrine in the middle of his war with Vic and Corrine is using it as an opportunity to rid herself of Vic once and for all. Not only is she lying to Vic, she went out of her way to contact The Barn and is willing to give them all she knows on Vic and Shane.
  • The Ronnie Situation: Never in a million years did I think that Ronnie would tell Claudette that Shane killed Lem. Sure, Ronnie painted the picture that Shane has been a rogue cop for quite some time, but it still shows that Ronnie may be done with Vic too. If push comes to shove, it doesn’t seem like Ronnie will allow himself to go down with Vic.
  • The Claudette & Dutch Situation: After all the characters that “The Shield” has targeted Vic with, it looks like Claudette and Dutch are going to be the people to bring him down. It makes the most sense since Claudette has wanted Vic out since she took over The Barn and Dutch despises everything Vic stands for. Claudette and Dutch, who were former partners, are the moral center of “The Shield” and CCH Pounder and Jay Karnes never get the credit for their performances that they deserve.
  • The Vic Mackey Situation: He turned in his badge. He hired Mexican gang members to kill his former partner. He is working with the Mexican Mob and the ICE unit that is investigating the mob. He was hired by a Mexican mob boss to kill the wealthy Mexican businessman, Pezuela. These are just some of his sins from the past few episodes. There is no doubt that Vic is in some serious trouble and all roads lead to a brutal end for him. What is going to happen to him? Is there any doubt that he will indeed get revenge on Shane? Not from me. However, will he get himself killed or arrested in the process? I think so…but I sure want the dirtiest cop in television history to get away with it.
  1. November 18, 2008 at 1:46 PM

    You summed it up!
    I also want the dirtiest cop in history to get away with it also…

    I think Vic will end up working for the mob because Ronnie sells him out, Shane is gonna die somehow or other, Ronnie will continue to be a cop.

    Tonight is the night my friend DONT MISS IT!!!!! 2 more episodes left!

    Cant wait

  2. November 20, 2008 at 10:27 AM

    it came out the other way around! Vic sold Ronnie out

    Cant wait for next tuesday

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