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Someone Get A Muzzle For The Lohan

Here you see a photo of The Lohan and her 12-year old boyfriend, Sam Ronson. Normally, I don’t go into this nonsense but after The Lohan’s most recent comments, I feel compelled to do my part in pointing out her stupidity.

First of all, The Lohan has reportedly told her friends that she is not a lesbian. She is just in love with Sam and is still, like totally into guys…especially hunky guys that are totally hot and cast members of “Gossip Girl”. So The Lohan is apparently what I like to call an “Early 20s Lesbian”. She really likes club music and thinks its chic to kiss her girlfriends in public. You know, an idiot.

Forget that noise because the real kicker is what The Lohan said on Access Hollywood. Here is her direct quote:

“It’s an amazing feeling. It’s our first, you know, colored president.”

Sweet Lord Baby Jesus. Apparently, The Lohan wants to offend all of the women who are actually gay and black people all in one week. Real slick huh?

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