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The Cinematically Correct Dentist Experience

In approximately one hour, I will be lying on my back in a chair with two to three sets of hands in my mouth. Today…I go to the dentist.

Unfortunately, there is going to be some extensive work done that will potentially take up to four hours. I’m looking at some deep cleaning, a crown, and two fillings. I also understand this makes it seem like I am either a hobo or have only consumed straight cane sugar for the past decade. Let’s just say that a combination of mass coffee consumption, cigarette smoking, and lack of dentist cleanings has led to some problems. The good news is that I now have dental insurance (which happened under W.’s watch so take that Barack) and I quit smoking back in January so things will only get better for my teeth.

So there may be no more posts today as I whine about how much my mouth hurts. Until the next post, enjoy the greatness that is Steve Martin.

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