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Why Ridley, Why?

Ridley Scott will turn 71 years old on November 30th. This is usually an age when most human beings slow down and try not to work so hard. Well, Ridley Scott is still firing movie after movie out. Unfortunately, after this sad bit of news, Ridley’s mind may actually be feeling the effects of aging.

Ridley Scott is now officially attached to direct the film version of the board game Monopoly. This is just terrible, terrible news. I don’t care if science was able to resurrect Orson Welles, Marlon Brando, or Howie Mandell, this is movie will be freaking awful. Actually, even if and when the movie is released, I will say that it sucks, even if it is the second coming of “Citizen Kane”. I hate the idea of this movie that much.

Cinematically Correct note: Howie Mandell is dead right? No? Oh, just his dignity is. Right.

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