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Write An Essay, Get In “Funny People”

This is the teaser poster for the Judd Apatow flick “Funny People”. As you can see, it stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and Leslie Mann. I never thought that a poster of a movie that was barely in production would get me so excited. For some reason, that poster conveys everything I need to know about the movie. Sure, it’s going to be funny…but those hugs sure make me think it is going to be a bit serious as well.

As far as that essay goes, if you can write the funny, you may have a shot at getting a bit part in this movie. Universal and MySpace have gotten together for a contest. If you are willing to admit that you belong to MySpace, go there and make “Funny People” your “Friend”. Then, you get 100 words on selling your funny to the “Funny People”…umm…people.

Cinematically Correct note: I am so not on MySpace. It’s so lame.
Cinematically Correct note: Well…I am…but I rarely check it.
Cinematically Correct note:Well…I check out new bands there…so I do more than check it I suppose.

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