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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To “The Shield”

“The Shield” ends tonight. It would save my employer time and energy if they would just allow me to go home and begin to mentally prepare for the 90-minute bloodbath that begins at 10 PM EST. While I have avoided all spoilers for tonight’s episode, I have learned that five to six major characters are going to end up dead. Mathematically, one would have to assume that the greatest bad cop ever, Vic Mackey, would be one of them right? I’ll go on record and say that there is no way Vic dies. No freaking way

…of course, Vic did sell Ronnie out last week to the FBI…Claudette and Dutch know that…hmmm. Let’s watch and see if Claudette and Dutch sell out their morality and let Ronnie in on that little secret. They would essentially be signing papers on Vic’s death sentence, thus becoming the same type of cop that they wanted to arrest Vic for in the first place…

…of course, Shane could get arrested, Ronnie could be charged with all the crimes that Vic ratted him out for, and Vic could get away clean as a whistle. Can you really picture “The Shield” ending with a triumphant Vic Mackey, with all the disgusting crimes that he committed as a policeman? Yep, I sure can see it…and sickeningly enough, I am pulling for it.

Tune in tomorrow for the recap. Here are links to various columns about the show tonight:
Denver Post, Boston Herald, USA Today, Newsday, TV Guide, LA Times.

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