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Stop Comparing Movies To Politics!

Can somebody read this review of “Gran Torino” by Todd McCarthy and tell me if he actually likes this movie or not? It seems like he dug it but it’s just not a glowing review of the movie. Also, what is up with this “Eastwood could be said to have inadvertently made the first film of the Obama era” comment? Tired head. Do we need to compare movies to political movements? Can’t we just be entertained?

Right now, there are some serious mixed messages about “Gran Torino”. McCarthy seems to pseudo-like it and Clint Eastwood won Best Actor from The National Board of Review. Those are good signs but Kirk Honeycutt from The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “return to comedy” and actually evokes “Every Which Way But Loose”. Ouch babe.

Like any of this matters…Clint is my leader and I will be there on day one.

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