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Anybody Else Interested In “Cadillac Records”?

I like music. I like movies. I like Adrien Brody. So I’m kind of interested in “Cadillac Records”. While singing Beyonce is just fine (not my cup of tea, but fine), the acting Beyonce is a cinematic junk punch but the inclusion of some great actors makes this movie fairly attractive to me. Mos Def has done some good work so far (“Be Kind Rewind”, “16 Blocks”, “Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”) and I would like to see his streak continue with his portrayal of Chuck Berry. The great Jeffrey Wright will no doubt be awesome as Muddy Waters.

Of course, the star of this movie is Adrien Brody. I’m a fan, even though he hasn’t done much since winning Best Actor. I did watch “The Darjeeling Limited” for the second time a few nights ago and I really like it much more than I did in the theater.

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