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Prolific Actor Robert Prosky Dies At 77

Robert Prosky, who appeared in over 200 plays and 38 films, died yesterday due to complications during heart surgery. You may not immediately recognize the name, but you surely recognize the very identifiable face of a very cool character actor.

Since I have never really lived anywhere that has a stage culture, I’ve only seen Prosky’s movies. I will most remember him as the sleazy character The Judge from “The Natural”. For a person that looked so friendly and warm, he really nailed that corrupt character quite well.

Instead of flowers, his son Stefan is requesting donations be made to The Actors Fund or that people simply “go see a play”.

  1. Dad, Dad, Daddio
    December 10, 2008 at 11:19 AM

    You are right on it with “The Natural” but to Jonathan Lundy all I can say is
    “Bully” for hiring Daniel Hillard, aka. “Mrs. Doutfire”.

    RIP Mr. Prosky, our prayers are with your family.

    I believe we should take Stefan’s advice. A play is still a great deal in these times and if “Jersey Boys” is coming to your town that should be the choice. Great music, fantastic acting and story.

  2. Chickybabe
    December 10, 2008 at 1:47 PM

    Kudos to Stefan! Support your local arts, the national arts on tour, or go to NYC (God knows they could use the money on Broadway!). A recent report I heard on NPR said that many shows will be closing next year because they simply won’t make enough money over the Holidays.

    It would be a sad world, indeed, if the art of the stage were to disappear. These are the actors whose craft is truly passionate… who else shows up to work 8 times a week?? No One!

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