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We Are All Slaves To The Apple Domination Machine

Back in the 80s, this is the computer that I used. My parents picked up this bad boy and boy, did we have fun with that sucker. We had a color monitor and everything. It turns out that was the beginning of the hold that the Apple Corporation would have over me. Unfortunately, that choke hold does give you problems every now and then…or right now.

See, Ms. Cinematically Correct and I are huge music snobs and our music collection is quite large. It was large enough to require the use of an external hard drive that holds, or should I say held our iTunes library. The drive is fried. It’s toast. Dead. Gone. Buried. Sure, we could take it to the Geek Squad for some data recovery but that could cost millions of dollars and lead to the loss of hundreds of human lives.

What does this have to do with Apple? Well, I have this handy dandy storage device that they invented called an iPod and it has the majority of the now-dead toonage on it. Of course, I can’t write from the iPod onto a hard drive. I get the fact that Apple wanted to protect against piracy and things like that but…it’s my music and dammit, I want it back on the iBook.

So…is it possible to go from iPod back to iTunes? Can it be done? I asked my friend Egon and he told me that I had to cross the streams to do it, even though a few weeks ago he told me that crossing the streams was bad. I am not ready for that yet so if someone knows a way that won’t melt my face off, please let me know.

  1. Some Asshole
    December 15, 2008 at 9:24 AM

    Yes, yes you can. plently of software around that can do it.
    Do some googling!

  2. Chickybabe
    December 15, 2008 at 12:43 PM

    Not only is it possible, but it was successful!!

    now, to get back the music of mine that he did not put on his iPod…

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