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These Movie Rumors Are Going Crazy Insane Today

There are two rumors flying around the Interweb machines today, one of them believable and the other sounds like total bull****. I use those asterisks so the kids won’t know what I am really spelling. Let’s start with the believable rumor first.

Those crazy guys from south of the border at Latino Review are reporting that Tim Robbins is in talks to play Howard Stark in “Hombre dos del hierro”…or “Iron Man 2” to the English speaking world. Howard Stark would be the dad to Robert Downey Jr.’s kick-ass Tony Stark. The word on the street is that this is a flashback scene that in some way will set up the planned “Captain America” film. They are also claiming that the characters Hawkeye and Black Widow will have major roles in the next flick about the metal suited rich guy.

Here is the rumor that is probably just that, rumor. It has to be. An paper in the UK is reporting that Eddie Murphy will be playing The Riddler in the next Batman movie. I just threw up in my mouth when I typed that. Actually, if fingers could vomit, mine would have because I had to pad out those words. I can’t find the original story for this one and I don’t have the strength to even try.

Cinematically Correct note: After announcing these rumors, I will now retreat back to my parent’s basement and play Medal of Honor online with my “friends”…you know, because I am posting about dorky comic book movie rumors.

  1. johnnyfirecloud
    December 22, 2008 at 9:41 AM

    This Eddie Murphy rumor is fascinatingly ridiculous. If Robin enters the franchise again, however, any hope of even coming close to reaching the cinematic heights of the Dark Knight are right out the window.

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