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Is “Seven Pounds” Going To Be Will Smith’s “Waterworld

The nations top critics almost completely agree that “Seven Pounds” is wretched. It currently has a piss-poor 26% favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That is not good folks. There are some harsh comments from these critics too. Here are a few:

  • A case study in overkill“, Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Seven Pounds features the best performance by a jellyfish in a film this year. Really, the thing is mesmerizing“, Tom Long, Detroit News
  • The sad truth is that if you laid this movie out chronologically — and maybe if you don’t — not a whole lot of it makes any sense“, Lou Lumenick, New York Post
  • Dispiritingly obvious and phony from top to bottom“, Scott Foundas, Village Voice

…and finally, my personally favorite

  • Intricately constructed so as to infuriate anyone predominantly guided by rationality and intellect“, Todd McCarthy, Variety

I’m sure that a million people will go see this one regardless. However, there is no way that this will have the staying power of Will Smith’s other hits. Well…”Hancock” is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and it made $227 million.

Personally, I am going to spare myself, skip this Will Smith flick, and finally check out “Doubt”, “Synecdoche, NY”, or “Frost/Nixon” this weekend.

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