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Piven Eats Too Much Sushi, Bails On “Speed-The-Plow”

Piven Is Too CoolThe online movie/geek community is all abuzz over Jeremy Piven leaving the recent Broadway production of David Mamet’s “Speed-The-Plow”. The official reason is that Piven is suffering from an overdose of mercury due to eating too much sushi. In this story, you have to replace the word “sushi” with the word “nose-candy“.

The rumors of Piven’s diva-like behavior have been rampant for a few years now and there is word that he split the show over some problems he was having with it. First of all, can you believe that they required him to show up for work at a specific time? How dare those arrogant pricks do such a thing?

Up until recently, I had been a Piven fan. I’ve read some things about him that, if true, are pretty disconcerting. Sure, he is a fan of the younger chicks that L.A. has to offer but what single actor (or married for that matter) isn’t? It’s the rumor that he consistently botches his lines while filming that bothers me and the word is Piven should be giving his “Entourage” awards to the editors of the show for making him look great.

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