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Robby The Robot Is The #1 Robot Of All Times

Forbidden PlanetEverything about “Forbidden Planet” is totally awesome. The effects, the hot blond chick, the invisible monster, Leslie Nielsen’s toupee…all of them are simply stunning. Is there anything more badass than Robby The Robot? He could break down walls, make laser beam guns worthless, and make you whiskey all at the same f’ing time. Can R2-D2 do that s***? No chance.

Why all this “Forbidden Planet” talk? Well, there is word that James Cameron has his eyes on a “Forbidden Planet” remake script by J. Michael Straczynski. There are some even more awesome details below, but they would be some fairly big spoilers if you have never seen the original film.

The normally dead-on reliable Mexicans at Latino Review have some big details on this project. See, Straczynski’s script isn’t just a remake of the original. It’s a prequel of the original and part of his planned “Forbidden Planet” trilogy. Two words…do and it. Here are the synopses of each planned flick:

  1. The first movie will tell the story of the original ship that came to Altair 4.
  2. Movie Two tells the story of the search for the Krell by the captain of the Bellerophon and his crew, as Diana continues to grow into something profoundly other-wordly. The search takes them beyond the limits of known space into other dimensions, passing from what’s known into what’s not.
  3. Movie Three tells the story of the second ship to arrive at Altair 4 to investigate what happened to the Bellerophon. They discover Morbius and his “daughter,” who is desperate to get off the planet and out into the rest of the universe, where her power would nearly be god-like, a fate we are spared when Morbius sacrifices his life to keep her there and eliminate the Krell homeworld once and for all.

Seriously…how awesome does that sound?

  1. Dad, Dad, Daddio
    December 23, 2008 at 11:30 AM

    “I never touch it myself, it promotes rust”. This was the line after Robbie made ‘booze’ for Doc in ‘Forbidden Planet”. Then director Joe Dante pays homage to Robbie in “Gremlins” when Randall Peltzer calls home from the inventor convention and Robbie is in the background and says the ‘promotes rust’ line. I remember seeing Gremlins and laughed out loud at that scene. Loved “Lost in Space” because of Robbie, though I’m sure if G-Luc wanted R2-D2 to distill some ‘Jack’ for let’s say Han he would have abliged. R2 made those wild sounds when danger lurked, Robbie just blurted it out…”DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!” Oh and by the way, Anne Francis; hot blond chick, every boy’s dream back in the late ’50’s. Count me in! That Frank Drebin gets all the chicks.

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