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Jordan Catalano Is 37?

It’s a slow news day and an even slower work day for Cinematically Correct. To be honest…my presence at my job today is even more worthless than it is on a normal day.
Jared LetoSo since it’s slow sledding, let’s talk 90s teen drama and the fact that Jared Leto is 37 years old today. I personally had no idea that Jared Leto was pushing 40. I assumed he was my age (early 30s), especially since he jumps around in makeup when he sings for the awful, awful band 30 Seconds To Mars.

Leto has been lucky enough to be in two David Fincher movies, “Fight Club” and “Panic Room” (he’s pretty good in that one). However, it will be tough for Leto to top Harry Goldfarb in “Requiem For A Dream”. He definitely played a believable junkie in that one.

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