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Fox Has Set Out To Ruin The March Release Date For “Watchmen”

Rorshach PosterThere is only one way to describe Fox’s decision to attempt to delay the March 6th, 2009 release of “Watchmen”: Douchey. I didn’t want to post about this last week because the entire situation gives me a fierce case of tired-head.

See, last week, a California judge ruled that Warner Brothers (the studio releasing “Watchmen”) has infringed on the copyright that Fox has on adapting the “Watchmen” graphic novel. Easy enough to understand right? The online media (dorks like me) is giving Fox some hardcore grief over their decision and there could be problems for the studio if they really go through and delay this movie’s release. It is really advisable for Fox to take some cash and allow the March 6th release.

Fox also should be held liable for contributing to obesity since there is no doubt that many geeks will finally stop playing World Of Warcraft and actually stand up, put on their good sweats, and walk to the movie theater. This movie is encouraging large males that are obsessed with role-playing games to walk people, let’s embrace that idea.

Cinematically Correct note: Am I as mean as how I write in real life? Sadly…yes.

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