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2008’s Memorable Moments In Pop Culture History

Originally, the idea behind Cinematically Correct was to focus on the world of pop culture. Since I am a huge movie/music snob, this blog has moved in that direction. However, we still pay attention to pop culture happenings and here are my favorites of 2008.

10. Michael Phelps: You have to take the good with the bad with this guy. He won 1,384 gold medals at the Summer Olympics but has since proved that his douchiness wouldn’t fit in an Olympic-sized pool. Not only did he suck on “Saturday Night Live”, he continues to have rumors of his womanizing run rampant online.

9. Joe The Plumber: The Presidential Election led to lots of different things and unfortunately, this guy from Ohio was one of them. Joe was fun…for about 48 hours. After that, it’s safe to assume that the entire country was sick of “Joe The ____” talk. It’s almost good that McCain lost, if only that we never hear the name of this guy ever again.

8. Sarah Silverman Is F***ing Matt Damon: If you haven’t seen this video, you don’t know how to push the Internet key on your computer. It is pretty damn funny and the only bad thing about it is it spawned way too many copycats.

7. Indy’s Back!: Yes, the summer brought the return of one of America’s favorite movie heroes, Indiana Jones. It was great to see Harrison Ford under that sweet hat…for the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Once Indy crawled into that fridge, another George Lucas legacy was pissed away.

6. Jennifer Aniston’s Unquenchable Thirst For Attention: She complains about the press invading her life…then poses nude on for GQ. She bitches about people asking questions about her boyfriend…they openly talks about John Mayer in interviews. One word: bi-polar.

5. Eliot Spitzer & His Hookering Ways: There is a small part of me that feels bad for Ashley Dupree, the “escort” that was made famous for her affair with former New York Governor Spitzer. Does anybody want to be famous for being a hooker? They even made a “Law & Order” based on this story.

4. Madonna, Guy Ritchie, & A-Rod: Madonna turned 50 this year…and celebrated by ruining two marriages, hers and Alex Rodriguez’s. A-Rod has been searching for a personality for years now and he must think that he’ll find it in Madonna’s pants. It’s always the last place you look.

3. Britney F’ing Spears: You name it, she did it. Public meltdowns, flashing her garbage, mental collapses…it’s actually really sad. I’m no fan of her work but here’s hoping we hear and see less of Britney in 2009.

2. Heath Ledger’s Death & “The Dark Knight”: This was the most shocking news of the year and also one of the more depressing. It became even more depressing after “The Dark Knight” hit theaters. Ledger’s performance has become a piece of acting legend.

1. Barack Obama & Sarah Palin: His speeches. Her interviews. The Tina Fey impersonation. Bill Ayers. Her “SNL” appearance. Everything, all of it. I can guarantee that every person in the United States said their names at least once this year. Love them or hate them, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin were the two most talked about human beings on the planet in 2008.

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