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These Tunes Were Rocked The Most On The Cinematically Correct iPod In 2008

These year end lists are so much fun. One day, in ten or twenty years, I will look back and ask myself, “What the hell was I listening to that for?”…much like I do today when I think about listening to Bobby Brown in 1987.

Here are the tunes that I liked the most in 2008. These aren’t what I consider the best songs or anything like that, just a list of what I listened to this year.

25. Mudcrutch, “Scare Easy”: I’m a sucker for country fried rock.
24. Wolf Parade, “Fine Young Cannibals”: Indie prog rock rules.
23. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, “Magick”: Two minutes of tongue-in cheek dance rock.
22. Delta Spirit, “Trashcan”: Check this band out. It’s just fun California pop rock.
21. Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s, “As Tall As Cliffs”: Ms. Cinematically Correct digs them and this tune is damn catchy.
20. Conor Oberst, “Sausalito”: When Oberst stops going emo on us, he writes some sweet alt-country.
19. Beck, “Profanity Prayers”: I dug the broken hearted Beck…but I like the rockin’ one better.
18. Vampire Weekend, “Oxford Comma”: This band is a one trick pony but it’s so catchy and happy sounding that I don’t care.
17. The Raconteurs, “Old Enough”: My favorite tune from an otherwise disappointing album.
16. The Tallest Man On Earth, “The Gardner”: This guy sounds like 1960s Bob Dylan…except he is Swedish. Crazy right?
15. Shearwater, “Rooks”: About as rockin’ as this band gets.
14. Blitzen Trapper, “Gold For Bread”: I can’t tell if these guys want to be The Beatles, The Jayhawks, or The Beach Boys…whatever it is, it’s cool.
13. Flight Of The Conchords, “Bowie”: This is the greatest song parody…ever.
12. Jenny Lewis, “Carpetbaggers”: It’s a good song…then Elvis Costello starts singing and it becomes greatness.
11. Wolf Parade, “Soldier’s Grin”: The coolest tune from one of the more underrated albums of the year.
10. Vampire Weekend, “Walcott”: This song has turned my bad moods into good ones.
9. Shearwater, “The Snow Leopard”: This is a perfect example of how a song can be dramatic.
8. The Gougers, “Dedend”: A great bluegrass-country song from a tiny Texas band. It’s been one of my most played all year.
7. Fleet Foxes, “Mykonos”: This is from the “Sun Giant” EP and if it was the only song on it, I would still have bought it.
6. Department Of Eagles, “No One Does It Like You”: This band and Grizzly Bear have successfully created psychedelic folk music.
5. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, “Go Easy”: One of the best songs Ryan has ever written.
4. Frightened Rabbit, “Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms”: What a pretty song…until you really listen to the lyrics and realize that this is quite the breakup song.
3. Bon Iver, “Skinny Love”: Another break up song that definitely isn’t cryptic about its message.
2. Fleet Foxes, “Blue Ridge Mountains”: Prettiest track of 2008 that only gets better when you hear it live.
1. Okkervil River, “Lost Coastlines”: The iPod has to be worn out wherever it is saving this one. It’s a duet with Will Sheff of Okkervil River and Jonathan Meiburg, who left the band to get with Shearwater full-time.

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