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F-You Village Voice!

The Village Voice has gone and done it. They have fired Nat Hentoff, whose columns were one of the two reasons I visited their website. If they can movie critic Robert Wilonsky, I am right out.

If you like reading the work of a columnist that actually has formed an opinion based on his or her own thought, press your Google button and look up Nat Hentoff’s stuff. The guy just didn’t read from the conservative or liberal talking points memo on a weekly basis.

  1. Rich McCaffrey
    May 1, 2009 at 11:09 AM

    Nat Hentoff spoke at my Rutgers commencement in ’75 . Until then I thought what most people thought. Hentoff emphasized forming your own thoughts and doing your own research.
    amazing how facts become factual that way.
    Thanks Nat .. wherever you go I will follow independent thought.
    You were the voice in the VV, the paper was just a medium, you were the message.
    we might have had a V-P at commencement – I cannot remember though who was V-P then …. but I remember Hentoff. Nat-urally ,
    (was it Goldwater?)

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