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Will David Mamet Kill Jeremy Piven?

Piven Is Too CoolMy opinion of Jeremy Piven has done such a hardcore 180 over the past few weeks that I am now in a neckbrace. Well…at least I don’t have mercury poisoning right?

It’s schumcky picture time again so you know this post will bust on The Pivert. Again, this story is about the fallout of Piven ditching “Speed The Plow”. The show’s producers aren’t happy about their star bailing on them and you wouldn’t believe how pissed Leo Bloom is. They are so angry that there is talk that if they suspect his mercury poisoning claims are fraudulent, they may pursue legal action.

When reached for comment, David Mamet said, “Put that sushi down…sushi is for closers.

  1. Chickybabe
    January 8, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    Seriously? You’re going with a Glengary Glenross quote for laughs? That movie should be in the sleep aids isle at CVS.

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