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“Bride Wars” Must Be Stopped At All Costs

Please do not see “Bride Wars”. If you do, the terrorists will win. Well…it won’t be that bad but you will only be enabling a laundry list of idiots. From the screenwriters to the studio execs, everyone involved with the production of this movie should be exorcised from the entertainment business.

I realize that my hope of epic failure for “Bride Wars” will be for naught. This movie is going to make a bunch of money this weekend, only furthering the advancement of douchebag cinema. It will also allow Kate Hudson, quite possibly the worst actress on the planet right now, to continue to steal money from the American public. There will be more on her later today.

Sadly, “Bride Wars” will make more cash and be seen by more people than the following movies this weekend:

  • “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, gotta see it still.
  • “Gran Torino”, Go. See. This. Movie.
  • “Frost/Nixon”, another I have yet to see.
  • “Revolutionary Road”, have to see it…
  • “Valkyrie”, so underrated.
  • …and finally…”The Wrestler”.

If anything, I beg you to go see “The Wrestler”. When a movie like that is successful, it means that the knucklehead studio execs will want to make movies like it. That means they will be willing to take risks on edgy stories and actors that aren’t “stars”.

Cinematically Correct note: If any producers or Darren Aronofsky reads this, please email me for my address and where to send the check…I can be bought.

  1. January 14, 2009 at 8:57 AM

    bride wars was horrible!!! i was kicking myself halfway through the film.

    I also wrote a more lesbian oriented review here: http://lesfriendly.com/2009/01/14/bride-wars/.

    keep blogging!

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