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Tony Almeida Is Back On “24” To Say “Rush Terrorist!”

PhotobucketThe seventh season of “24” started off with an interrogation. For the first time, Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer was on the receiving end of ruthless questioning by the dad from “That 70’s Show”/mean dad from “Dead Poets Society” (Kurtwood Smith). He tried to guilt Jack Bauer into admitting that he regretted all of the torturing and illegalities he had committed while protecting the country. Little did he know, Jack Bauer is dead on the inside and would rather snap a neck than answer to an authority figure.

In an effort to show the world that not everything happens in Los Angeles, “24” has moved to Washington D.C. The first thing that happens is some geek gets kidnapped by some scary dudes in ski masks. At first, I thought it was a fraternity initiation thing but it turns out, they were terrorists…which was my second guess.

They tap the brakes a bit and we learn that Jack Bauer is part of a Senate Investigation into the abuses of power by the Counter Terrorist Unit, more commonly known as CTU. That is where Topher Grace’s old man gave Jack a bunch of grief and Jack was all like “whatever, I’m totally Jack Bauer”. After a bunch of noise, the FBI comes along and whisks Jack away.

It turns out that those frat boys are a terrorist group led by Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) and they wanted that computer geek in an effort to raise their cumulative GPA…oh and he can build some computer gizmo that lets them hack into any computer system. Instead of doing what anybody in their right mind would do (free porn), they hack into air traffic control.There, we see that Crazy Eyez Killah is operating a radar screen. If you don’t get the reference…well…tough, I’m not explaining it.

Meanwhile, the ginger from the FBI, Agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) tells Jack that his thought dead buddy, Tony, is indeed alive. See, the Feds know that Tony is an insane terrorist now and they need Jack to help take down his pal. Jack agrees to do so, with the knowledge that agreeing could lead to him killing a guy…which is always fun.

Jack and The Ginger track down that dude from “Braveheart” with the scar on his face because he sold Tony some fancy motherboard. It seems silly for Tony to go to this Scottish dude when he could have went to Frye’s or something. It was when they got to this guy, that we almost had our first torture scene of season seven. Nope…it was a tease. Jack was about to jam a Bic in this guy’s face when a sniper plugs him.

Meanwhile, the President (Cherry Jones) is a chick! President Allison Taylor is dealing with a fictional country’s military coup, which is silly since it’s fictional. Doesn’t she have better stuff to do? I wonder if that coup has anything to do with Tony and that fancy memory stick or whatever the hell it is…

Forget all that noise, it’s filler. Let’s get back to Jack, The Ginger, and their search for Whisperin’ Tony Almeida. Jack and his new special lady friend let the sniper get away and they follow him back to Almeida’s hideout. Jack finally smacks a guy around, fires a few shots, and they catch Tony.

All in all, it was a pretty damn good beginning to the season. I dug it and Jack didn’t even beat a guy into submission, which is usually what makes a “24” episode for me. I’m looking to two more hours of Bauer tonight.

Cinematically Correct note: If you are coming here for serious “24” analysis, look elsewhere. I am a big fan of the show and have been since day one…but it’s a bit of a comedy to me now and I don’t take one moment of it that seriously.

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