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“Watchmen” Is A Go!

Rorshach PosterFox and Warner Brothers have come to an agreement regarding the copyright issues over Alan Moore’s “Watchmen”. There was a hearing scheduled this week and once it was canceled, everyone assumed that a deal was close to being worked between the two studios. See, Fox originally owned the rights to the Alan Moore graphic novel and (insert legal mumbojumbo here). Now, Warner Brothers will give Fox 8.5% of the gross, a chunk of the sequel money, merchandising, and some other words that I don’t understand.

Screw all that noise. “Watchmen” will be in theaters as planned and all the geeks won’t have to weep into their copies of Daredevil or whatever the hell they are reading while World of Warcraft loads up. Now…where is that Rorshach costume I’ve been holding onto since 1988….

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