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Get Your Head Right For “Lost”

Destiny CallsAfter 237 days, ABC will air a three-hour smorgasbord of “Lost” tonight. I have remained 100% spoiler free and I go into tonight’s first two episodes, titled “Because You Left” and “The Lie”, not knowing anything. Well, I’ve read a few interviews with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof so I know two things. One, The Island is indeed traveling through time and two, Sawyer will be shirtless for almost two hours. The first item there is awesome…the second item is awesome to Ms. Cinematically Correct…and virtually every other female on the planet.

Again, I try not to take this stuff too seriously so my “Lost” recaps will always be a bit goofy. If you want some really great, hardcore “Lost” analysis, I can recommend two sites. Check out Get LOST With Jopinionated and Long Live Locke. They are able to sum up and theorize much better than I am.

Here are some good articles and interviews that will jog your “Lost” memory…and by that I mean they are for my Mom to read.  Now, let’s just all take off our shirts in honor of Sawyer and read these cool previews while we wait for “Lost”.

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