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The Work Day From Hell

Did you know that Richard Lewis invented that phrase? The ____ from hell. That’s him. It’s true…well…it must be true since I learned it on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

The Work Gods have not been kind to Cinematically Correct today. I haven’t combed the Internet with a fine tooth comb as I normally do so there hasn’t been much posting either.

Since I hate to leave my tens of fans empty handed and I love funny sports incidents, here is an amusing video. You may have to watch it a few times to really see what happens. Be sure to look at the right side of the net. There is a ball boy in an orange shirt that goes down really, really fast. Ouch.

  1. Adam
    January 22, 2009 at 10:39 AM

    That’s the smallest ball boy I have ever seen.

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