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Two Hours Of Hardcore “Lost” That Is Sure To Confuse Every Human Being Alive

Lost LogoI’ve been following “Lost” from the very first episode. I pride myself on having a lot of knowledge about the characters and plot of the entire series. Last night was the first time in quite a long time that I have ever questioned what is happening.

I am a little fuzzy on the time travelin’ Island. It’s cool and a nice change-up but…it’s a bit much isn’t it? How much more insane things can actually happen? I guess I am just not as in love with it as when the flash-forwards were revealed, which was one of the most clever plot developments in TV history.

There is one great thing this show has going for it. With a defined ending on the horizon, the show’s writers can take risks and write specifically for us, the true “Lost” junkies. This is why “The X-Files” failed; the writers had to keep writing as if the show would never, ever end. I’m lukewarm on the time travel stuff, but I definitely feel that we are ramping up to a conclusion that will hopefully be very satisfying.

It looks like the majority of this season will happen in two parts. We will folllow the lives of the people on The Island and what exactly happened to them once everyone left. The other group is the famed Oceanix Six and their efforts to get back to the insane Island.

On the Island, you have Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Rose, Bernard, and, of course, Locke. When the Island time travels, it goes to the past and back to the future but all of the people remain…except for Richard Alpert and The Others? I refuse to even attempt to dissect this for fear of full mental collapse. I am just going to roll with it.

There were three big developments on Island.

  1. Daniel was present while DHARMA was building the Orchid Station.
  2. Daniel spoke to the version of Desmond while he lived in the Swan Station. This kind of went against Daniel’s “you can’t change time” speech, but we are led to believe that Desmond, like Locke, has special skills. You know, he’s a time travelin’ badass like those midgets from “Time Bandits”.
  3. Richard Alpert tells Locke that the only way to save the Island is to get those that left back on the Island…and the only way for him to do that is to die. Whoa…that’s heavy.

We left the folks on the Island after they were attacked “Braveheart”-style via the flaming arrows. Sawyer and Juliet were jumped by some dudes in Army-type uniforms who had an Australian or British accent. I am going with Australian.Then, Locke wastes those guys with his trusty knife and saves Sawyer and Juliet. Locke rocks yo.

Now, off Island, Jack and Sayid have both fallen for Ben’s manipulating ass and are now totally his bitches. It’s kind of odd to see Jack pal around with Ben and take orders from him, but I totally dig it because…well…I dig me some Ben Linus. The guy is totally awesome. The last guy I have loved to hate so much was named Vic Mackey.

The most touching moment of the two episodes last night was Hurley’s confession to his mother. In his own way, he admitted that the Oceanic Six are complete and total liars. It was a great moment for Jorge Garcia and you can tell that Hurley is a key character. It was also great to see Hurley not fall for Ben’s mind games. Just when you thought Hurley was going to cave…he bolts. Sure, Hurley probably should have done what Ben said for once, but hey, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…won’t…won’t get fooled again.

I don’t believe Sun for one second that she doesn’t blame Kate for Jin’s death. I think Sun is pissed off at Kate, Jack, and Ben and she is out for some serious revenge. If one of the Six turns traitor and actually helps Widmore, it’s going to be Sun.

Two more things before I wrap up. First, I am glad they have found a way to keep Desmond involved. I’m a fan of his character but once he got back with Penny, it seemed like his story had come full circle. Not so fast! Not only is Desmond keen to get to Oxford to meet Daniel’s mom like he was asked to do, in the last scene, we were shown a person from Desmond’s past…

…Ms. Hawking. She would be the lady that would not sell Desmond an engagement ring then explained some time travel rules to him. Apparently, she is using a big folcrum thingie and what looked like a Commodore 64 to try and find the Island. Oh…and she freaking knows Ben. She tells Ben that he has 70 hours to get everyone back to the Island or we are all screwed.

So 815 words later…that’s it. I’m serious too. There were 815 words up until that point. Creepy! I like what we’re seeing so far and it feels good that we are heading towards an ending point. It’s been quite the journey so far and I really can’t wait to see how it ends…then I’ll immediately bitch about missing “Lost”. Funny how that works.

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