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…The Return

Since I hate disappointing my many fans, Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I decided to cut our Honeymoon short. We weren’t tired of each other or any nonsense like that…we were bombarded by rain. I don’t just mean rain, I mean insane amounts of rain. Seven straight f’ing days worth. If that wasn’t bad enough, I became violently ill due to what I will blame on Third World Cooking. So, we called up our airline and they hooked us up with an early trip home.

Of course, I didn’t exactly run back to my office for work. What jackass does that? Instead, I caught myself up on “Lost”. Freaking tremendous. The time flashes took some getting used to for me but now, it is some great, great storytelling. I’ll sum up some thoughts later today…maybe. Right now, I have some NHL ’09 to catch up on.

  1. AnnieinMN
    February 14, 2009 at 3:55 PM

    I keep waiting to hear how you feel about the recent Mandy Moore Ryan Adams engagement…

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