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Flight “316” Takes The Oceanic Six To The Island…& Brings Back The Real Jack Shephard

Destiny CallsIt’s been quite some time since I sat down and typed out anything that could be considered legitimate writing. It’s been tough to get back in the swing of things after being away for so long…prison is no joke folks. It’s a good thing for the DVR because that particular Federal Pen didn’t get ABC…well, it wasn’t in HD which to me means it doesn’t get it.

Last night’s episode, titled “316”, focused solely on the Oceanic Six and their return to the Island. For most of this season, I have been bored a bit by the events occurring off of the Island. If it didn’t involve Ben, I just didn’t really care about it. It was mostly odd to see Jack acting like such a freaking baby. Yes, I understand that he became very depressed and that was a necessary part of the story…but damn if I didn’t miss the fired up Dr. Jack Shephard.

Since this season has officially ended the flashbacks that focus on a particular character, it’s been a mix of On-Island and Off-Island activity. Last night was about as close to the old flashbacks that “Lost” used as it focused on Jack. Sure, the rest of the Oceanic Six were involved but this was about Jack, his daddy issues, and the fact that he still refuses to fully believe the amazing situation his life is in.

Let me get this bit of praise out there immediately: the opening on the Island with Jack, Hurley, and Kate? 100% brilliance. When “36 Hours Ago” popped up, it signified to “Lost” junkies that we will now find out why Jack, Hurley, and Kate are in a lagoon on the Island. This is just brilliant storytelling and sets up a tease that will tug at you over the next 60 minutes.

Let’s move on to another important thing: Desmond’s hair. As a hair aficionado, I have to say that Desmond has some of the finest hair on television. Patrick Dempsey better watch out because Henry Ian Cusick and his bad mf’ing hair are on his his ass.

My favorite white-haired old lady on “Lost” (and the only), Eloise Hawking, spelled out exactly what she was doing at that church in Los Angeles. It turns out that the church was built above a Dharma station called the Lamp Post. Is there any chance there is a wardrobe nearby that takes you back to the real world? From this station, Dharma was able to use some fancy algebra (I knew it would be good for something!) to track the Island’s movement. Eloise then told Jack, Kate, Sun, and Ben that they have 48 hours before they have to return Eddie Murphy back to jail…wait…they have 36 hours to hop on a plane that is will be traveling where the Island will be.

Once Desmond showed up at the church last week, I immediately knew it was bad news for he and Penny. Remember, Ben told Chucky Widmore that he was going to kill Penny as revenge for Alex’s murder. Once Desmond stormed off, declaring that he was done with the Island, I assumed we would see him again last night. Alas, we only get the tease of Ben Linus, beaten and bloodied, on a pay phone at a marina. Desmond and Penny live on a boat…marina…no way right? We shall see.

Since Jack Shephard was the star of the show last night, let’s get right to it. It turns out that Eloise had a little note that Locke wrote up…right before he hung himself. Yikes. That’s pretty heavy, even for “Lost”. Did anybody actually think Jack was going to immediately tear that note open and give it read? If you did…stop watching “Lost” immediately and start watching “Two and A Half Men”. Jack did the Jack Thing and tucked it into his pocket, in hopes of avoiding any proof that he could be wrong about anything.

Eloise also told Jack that he needed to recreate as much of the original Oceanic 815 crash as possible. Don’t get me started on the hokeyness of this bit…so Jack only needed to get shoes that were his Pappy’s to stick on Locke’s body? Umm…sure, that helps recreate some of the crash…but what about all the people who died in the crash? Whatever…it’s “Lost” so I won’t think too much into it…wait…too late. Luckily, Jack gets a call from Grandpa Shephard, who happens to have a pair of Christian’s shoes. Again, it’s just another Indian Mark that, yes Jack, you are supposed to be on the Island.

Next up for Jack? A lovely evening with Kate. Isn’t a bit sickening that Kate seems to always hop into bed with a dude the second she is upset? All we know from Jack and Kate’s evening together is that either Kate gave Aaron up or someone took Aaron. Either way, Jack became her Sawyer that night. The way she turned cold to Jack the very next day sure seemed awfully familiar…

…forget all that noise, what about that note? Here is what it read:

Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL.

There are plenty of times that “Lost” could have gone on a diatribe. There are moments that characters could have had long speeches that made everything okay, were prophetic, or all knowing. This note could have been one of those moments. Instead, it was short, simplistic…and chilled Jack’s soul. “Lost” is rooted deeply in fantasy, but it’s character aren’t. The characters on “Lost” are quite real and this note from Locke to Jack showed again that this show isn’t interested in overblown, cliched moments. It is interested in the lives of its characters.

So, the plane gets to the Island and Jack, Hurley, and Kate fall in a lake. What happened to the other passengers on Flight 316? Not surprisingly, Frank Lapidus was piloting the plane. Also, how the hell did Hurley get to the plane? Why the hell was Sayid in handcuffs and being escorted by someone to Guam? Since I am not interested in turning my brain into mush this afternoon, I’ll leave that stuff up to you and eagerly wait until next week.

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